Camilla D’Errico’s Helmet Girls

The third Quick & Painful show is taking place this Satruday (October 8th at Rotofugi in Chicago) Canada’s own belle of the ball, Camilla D’Errico, will be bringing her Helmet Girls along to play.

Will you be attending any of the Quick & Painful Shows??
Sadly no. I have a few travel plans already plotted out for the year so I won’t be able to make it to the Quick and Painful Shows. But I”ll be there in spirit!

Do you have any tattoos? If so, who did them and what are they of?
I do have one, and its the only one I have. I had this done when I was 18 and I don’t even remember where I had it done so I have no idea who did it. As a first time tattoo I chose something very simple, it is a Celtic style cross on my back left shoulder. I’m not religious, but this Celtic image seemed to resonate with me.

Who is your favorite tattoo artist?
Joe Capobianco. He’s amazing crazy talented and a super sweet guy! I met him at Dragon Con last year. Good times!

Do you have a favorite tattoo that a fan got of your design? Do you have a photo?
I love all the tattoos I’ve seen, one girl had my painting The Loveless Bird spread over her shoulder front and back and recently I saw Wire Seat on a woman’s arm, and one girl had Lions and Lambs tattooed on half her back, stunning! If I had to pick one that stood out the most, then I think I have to go with the Helmetgirl Shark tattoo, it was a very unique tattoo because they had it done on the back of their calves, the girl was on one calve and the shark on the other. When she put her calves together it was the full image,it was so creative! But to be fair all the tattoos that I’ve seen of my work are extraordinary!

How did you feel when you saw your art permanently on someones body?
Its such a surreal feeling to say the least! I marvel at them, I feel so honored that people love my images so much they want to permanently have them on their bodies. It makes me want to work harder for them to be the kind of artist that deserves to be honored like that. I work hard for myself and my family, but I work really hard for my fans too, I want to make them proud of me. So when I see someone with one of my pieces as a tattoo I feel a huge sense of happiness and awe, and I feel more connected to my fans because of it.

Camilla D’Errico’s Giclee Print will be available at all of the Q&P events for only $25.
It will be available online at The Hope Shop starting October 9th for $30.

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