Pete Fowler is a Monster

With the second date of the Quick & Painful show quickly approaching (September 24th at Hope Gallery in New Haven) UK’s beloved mayor of Monsterism Island, Pete Fowler, would like to introduce you to the rest of his clan.

Quick & Painless Interview with Pete Fowler
Will you be attending any of the Quick & Painful Shows??
Unfortunately not. I’m afraid.

Do you have any tattoos?
I am as yet uninked. Thought about it many times but could never decide what to have; plus spending a lot of time in Japan over the years meant I couldn’t go to the ‘civilians’ public baths. Not that I ever ended up going to one!

Who is your favorite tattoo artist?
I’ve seen some amazing work done at Into You in London. My friend Mikey just had one of my designs done there and it came out really nicely.

Do you have a favorite tattoo that a fan got of your design?
My friend Mikey’s tattoo is probably my favourite so far. There’s tattoos that fans have got done over the years and a lot of them are great but I spoke to my friend at length about what he wanted so this one seems more personal.To him and for me. He’s getting the other arm done in September.

How did you feel when you saw your art permanently on someones body?
It’s pretty odd and amazing. I still can’t quite believe that someone would get my work permanently etched into their skin. I think it’s huge honour for me and a real commitment on behalf of the person getting inked. I’ve currently got a bit of a list for design work so people seem willing to get it done!

Pete Fowler’s Giclee Print will be available at all of the Q&P events for only $25. 
It will be available online at The Hope Shop starting October 9th for $30.

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