Artist Junko Mizuno Tugs at our Heart

Junko’s two new Giclee Prints for Q&P mixes childish sweetness and cuteness with blood and terror. The original artwork will even be for sale the night of the events, all hand drawn and painted. Yum.

Quick and Painless Interview with Junko Mizuno
Will you be attending any of the Quick & Painful Shows??
I wish I could but unfortunately I can’t.

Do you have any tattoos? If so, who did them and what are they of?
No, I don’t. I once thought about it but decided I can’t give up going to
onsen (Hot Springs in Japan. Most of them don’t allow tattooed people.).

Who is your favorite tattoo artist?
I like Angelique Houtkamp’s art. She’s a great person, too!

Do you have a favorite tattoo that a fan got of your design? Do you have a photo?
My current favorite is this one.

How did you feel when you saw your art permanently on someones body?
I was happy but also felt responsible. I’d like to keep getting better as an
artist so they won’t regret getting my art permanently on their bodies.

Junko Mizuno’s 2 Giclee Print Set will be available at all of the Q&P events for only $45. It will be available online at The Hope Shop starting October 9th for $55.

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