Artist Huck Gee joins Quick & Painful in New Haven

We are pleased to announce that artist Huck Gee will be making his way from San Francisco to join the Quick & Painful Exhibit in New Haven on Sunday, August 27th. Huck will have a special edition Flash Print ONLY available at Hope Gallery. Come and get your skullhead tattoos!

A Quick & Painless Interview with Huck Gee
Will you be attending any of the Quick & Painful Shows?
Yes, the New Haven opening at Hope Gallery.

Do you have any tattoos? If so, who did them and what are they of?
A lot of them. My “Game Over” Knuckles, Magic City logo and hula girl on my calf by Pon in NYC. My epic monkey vs dragon sleeve by George Campise in SF. And a few others by various misfits whose names now deceive me.

Who is your favorite tattoo artist?
Joe Capobianco has managed to blow my socks off as of recent.

Do you have a favorite tattoo that a fan got of your design? Do you have a photo?
No favorites but I’ve got a small photo gallery on my Flickr

How did you feel when you saw your art permanently on someones body?
You people are crazy! 😛

Huck Gee’s Limited Edition Q&P Giclee Print available only at Hope Gallery for $25 the night of the event.

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